ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety
Warehouse Risk
Health and Safety


Identify, Assess, Manage & Reduce Risk

A risk and safety service to a variety of industries including aircraft operations, cleaning, catering, and servicing aircraft, building and construction industries, motor industry component manufacturers, chemical products and advisory services to directors and company officers.

Implement OHSAS 18001

The Structured Occupational Health & Safety Management System.
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How well do you believe you manage risk?

  • The seriousness of incidents are on the increase, with several deaths and disasters reported each year.

  • Legal actions are a significant factor in the company’s viability.

  • EU directives are pressing for higher fines based on turnover.

  • Directors and officers of the company are also venerable to legal actions.

  • Insurance premiums will be adversely effected by poor safety performance and risk management controls.